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  1. Oh, Jala. Lovely pictures.You have some priceless shots between parents and child. I love them,you all look so relaxed. What a beautiful family.It must be hard for you to choose which ones you like the most. The water looked so inviting but from one of the shots I think it may have been a little cold…lol.That was a fantastic looking spot for a vacation. All that sea and sand and no people. Your own piece of paradise. I’m sorry you have a cold but as you said coming back to cold weather ,will do it…burrrr.I see where Europe is having some very strong storms these past few days….We are expecting between 30-45 cm of snow over the next 2 days [the 4th and the 5th.]Storms can be exciting [so glad I don’t have to drive, to work in them,anymore ]There are going to be very high winds and predicted power outages… that I don’t like. I don’t like being cold and we don’t have the wood stove or wood furnace anymore but we could always go up to the old house with Korey and Heather IF…..the snow isn’t too deep….such is our Canadian winters…as you know…lol.Well I’ll let you go for now. I was glad to hear you got the I know I got the address right…again love your beautiful pictures of your beautiful family….I am going to pray about Jonathan’s night time sleeping habits…I think a person can handle most things in life if they can get there there must be an answer out there for you and him….love to all ,Pat. ps do you get to practice your English much ? You do well with your writing….

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